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The Oilfield-Monitor is a Cloud solution superseding traditional SCADA technology that enables remote monitoring and control of any oilfield asset, surface, or subsurface in true real-time.

Oilfield-Monitor does not put any restrictions on the number of users nor number of connected devices. Unlimited users can use the Oilfield-Monitor client, historian, dashboards and etc at any given time. Oilfield-Monitor only restricts the number of tags in terms of Pay-as-you-go price model.
No, there is no need for any download and installation process. User can easily access Oilfield-Monitor from any browser. We like to keep things simple.
No, the Gateway/Edge device is provided to the client as an integral part of the service. These devices are connected to a PLC or similar in the field using standard industrial ports, quickly and simply connecting the client’s assets to the Cloud. Once the Gateways/Edge devices are installed and connected, all subsequent configuration is done remotely via a web-browser.
Oilfield-Monitor is user friendly solution. If necessary, there are numerous video tutorials, easy to follow. However, if the user needs additional advice or guided tutorial, our sales team will be happy to assist. If necessary, please contact
Each Gateway comes with a unique ID that is used to register the Gateway to a client’s account. After the client is being registered and connected, the Gateway configuration is done through the OilfieldMonitor platform (web-browser). The client/user configures communication with devices in the field, defines variables, checks Gateway status, diagnose and resolve issues. Asset screens and dashboards are fully customizable without any programming required. Live data are shown on the screens and alarms and notification system are set by client/user itself.
The Oilfield-Monitor is easy to deploy, easy to operate, cost-effective, reliable and secure solution for any upstream, midstream, artificial lift or rental assets, ESP, SRP, gas lift, plunger lift, tanks, surface pumps…
There are no licenses or ownerships to be paid. For the user interface, app development, device management, client needs web browser only. Modest subscription is done by model “Pay-as-You-Go” by each Gateway. Client is paying only for what was used.
There are no worries. No data will be lost. IIoT Gateways can store locally up to 7 days of data, in case of communication loss. Data is synchronized with the server when communication is re-established.
Oilfield-Monitor maintains highest security availability. Only customer has control and ownership of its data. Platform is hosted on the cloud’s most reliable and secure servers. Communication is encrypted and protected at all levels.
No, data from the IIoT Gateways is push-synchronized with each change in data value, which enables the capture of all data in true real-time.